It's the Process, Not the Product

Tuesday, October 11

Art for Kids: It's the Process not the Product

One thing I know is true: Kids love to create, especially when it comes from within themselves and they don't have to copy an adult-made sample. My website has tons of free art suggestions and ideas for you from each of my 20 books on art. If you'd like to visit, go to: .
When kids find out that art has no right way and no wrong way, their eyes light up with disbelief (for about 30 seconds!), and then they dive into the process and the materials at hand. They are like explorers in a new world. The results can be exciting, but it's the process that rivets their creative spirits.


Blogger MaryAnn F. Kohl said...

I would love to hear from you about your kids, about their art explorations, about their creativity. Love stories about what they do! I believe it's possible for you to post a comment with a picture of what your child may have created. For free art activities, go to my website:

I look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about your kids and their passions for art.
MaryAnn F. Kohl, author of 20 books on art for kids

11:04 AM

Blogger MaryAnn F. Kohl said...

Free art ideas can be found at
There are several ideas from each of my books available for you. Also visit . They have additional free activities from my books, as well as from many other books that specifically apply to children birth through early elementary school.

MaryAnn Kohl

11:06 AM

Blogger MaryAnn F. Kohl said...

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